Ideal Impact connects you with social impact and advocacy opportunities based on the news stories you read.
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If you've ever read a news story and wondered how you could help, Ideal Impact will help you find the answer. With Ideal Impact installed on your phone or your browser, you are only one click away from finding opportunities to engage in learn, serve, give, advocate, apply and connect based on any news story you read.
Engage in your community

Whenever you come across an inspiring news article or story, get connected with individuals and organizations need your help.

Make recommendations

Have a tip about mission-driven organizations or individuals doing great work? Recommend them to the Ideal Impact community.

Build expertise

Develop your social impact portfolio and gain professional expertise while in school, on the job , or transitioning into a new career.

Become a leader

Become a leader in your community by engaging  others who share your passion for service, advocacy, policy and civic engagement.

Be your best self

Get the tools to live a life aligned with your personal values and take action proportionate to your beliefs.

Don't just read the news, take action!
Turn news into action for social impact

Don't just read the news, take action!

Our app bridges the gap between people who are inspired to make a difference and organizations that need support. And as a result we help to lower the cost to non-profits of finding supporters and make it easier for people to contribute to their community based on their time, talent and energy.


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Re-imagine the civic experience
Read. Share. Engage.

Re-imagine the civic experience

We hope to expand the universe of people who see community service, not as an afterthought, but as a true reflection of our personal values. And by doing so, we make it easier to support the individuals, organizations and social enterprises that are on the front-lines of social change.

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