Ideal Impact provides you with social impact and advocacy opportunities based on the news stories you read.

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How does Ideal Impact work?

If you've ever read a news story and wondered how you could help, Ideal Impact will help you find the answer. With Ideal Impact installed on your phone or your browser, you are only one click away from finding opportunities to engage in social impact and advocacy work based on any news story you read.

Engage in your community

Whenever you come across an inspiring news article or story, Ideal Impact can tell you which organizations need your help.

Get 'social' with your impact

Meet others in your community who share your passion for service, advocacy, policy and civic engagement.

Gain expertise

Develop your social impact portfolio and gain professional expertise while in school, on the job , or transitioning into a new career.

Get the latest

We regularly update the database of opportunities, so you can be sure that the recommendations you’re seeing are timely and relevant.

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